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ESP Cable Protector

Cable clamp protector is widely applied on cross coupling, tubing, safety valve protection, completions, fixing, well repair and gauge completions. The body of cable protectors is produced by precision casting using high-grade materials to ensure product reliability. The unique streamline design prevents damage during dynamic movements of the production tubing and ensuring continuity and accuracy in the gauges complication. Cable protectors can be installed speedily as it has no separate parts or pins, reducing the hang-up risk. Moreover, it can be uninstalled just as easily and still allows reinstallation.



Manufactured of low carbon steel or stainless steel

Available as cross-coupling and mid-joint protectors

Suitable for API tubing sizes from 2 3/8" to 7"

Configured for flat, round or square cables, chemical injection lines, umbilicals etc.

Multichannel designs available to separate multiple lines

Customized upon request


ESP cable
Subsurface safety valves control line
Chemical injection line
Coiled tubing
Permanent Gauges
Intelligent Wells
Fiber Optics


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